the poet you never were. (postlapsaria_) wrote in theyyyeahs,
the poet you never were.

rare and original yeah yeah yeahs tour merchandise item d.i.y.

i am selling a bag i bought on the latest yeah yeah yeahs tour in germany (2004, i think) on ebay and thought you might be interested to make it your own. it's original merchandise and each piece was hand-made and is thus an original. i don't know how many of each design were made, but i bet there was a limited number.

the bag is 11.3 inches long and 10.1 inches wide and the chain is 21.8 inches long which makes is fit nicely on your shoulder. it is also big enough to carry books, zines and school/uni related stuff.

it is brand new, never worn. i bought it because i couldn't decide between two designs and since i never use this one, i decided to sell it before the dust gets it.

click   for a bigger picture of the front and one of the backside.

and here is the link for the ebay auction.

if you are interested i'd be glad to find out how much shipping to your country is.

                                 happy bidding!

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